Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sephora VIB Rouge

So the other day, when I was making a I'M STUCK IN SF WITHOUT ANY FAMILY SO I'M BUYING MYSELF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS purchase at Sephora (I bought a powder blush from Becca called 'gypsy,' one of their beach tints, and a third thing I can't seem to remember...) I was being rung up and the wonderful woman at the counter says to me "you're now VIB Rouge" and hands me this strange box. I say, "thank you" and probably looked a little puzzled, and walked home. When I reached my house, I finally took out the box and read a little bit about this whole VIB Rouge deal..

Basically, it is a new tier to their rewards program, the top tier, in fact. I don't really want to disclose how much money one has to spend to get this deal, because it is really just depressing to think of how much money I spend on certain things... but I digress. So! The best part about this, besides free shipping all the time at, is this exclusive lipstick designed by Bite called "rouge." Now, I had never used any lipsticks by Bite before, somehow I didn't think they would be pigmented enough for me, or would just melt off my face like some lipsticks do... but this may actually be my new favorite red lipstick. The color is so wonderfully rich, and the lipstick is also hydrating. It has average long wearing power to it, but it doesn't claim to be a long lasting lipsticks, so that doesn't bother me one bit. It does leave a really nice, really soft stain as it wears off. I've been pairing it with Urban Decay's lip pencil in 69, and they work magic together. So I am one hundred percent obsessed with this lipstick, and it is also kinda awesome that only a handful of people are able to buy it. Because sometimes it is nice to get the VIP treatment, or VIB Rouge.
VIB Rouge

Tootsie Toes
The best nail place in the world, and a collage of the amazing stuff they've done for me in the past sixish months ! Tootsie Toes is on Polk and Clay in San Francisco, they are by far the best nail salon in the world, and when I say "in the world," what I mean is "that I've been to" and what I mean by that is "in the world." They take their time with you, they actually listen to your cares and concerns. I usually just go in and pick something on the spot, but occasionally I will decide on some crazy nail are that they are never intimidated by. The owner, a wonderful woman named Vi, is up to any challenge. I highly recommend going, but always make an appointment first! They are booking up fast.

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