Friday, May 3, 2013

A little serious post

Sometimes I need someone to remind me of my worth.

Most of the time I am able to detect what is really about them rather than me, but sometimes I need a little reminder of this.

It is hard to be a girl. One of the bloggers I look up to is thugxwife from her tumblr of that name ( is a wolf-goddess-mermaid who speaks honestly and eloquently. She stands by her opinions and isn't afraid to prove ignorant people wrong (and they so very often are.) I've taken a lot from her posts, mode recently her opinions on the term "girl crush" and how homophobic it really is.

Anyway, I hope to one day have the confidence that she does. And I hope to one day feel as comfortable in my body as she does. She is gorgeous and intelligent as just so very admirable.

All that aside, recently I have made a lot more jewelry (goldenhair madness designs) and people truly love it. It is hard for me to take compliments, and then post them, but they really have. 

I got more moths added to my old one, and that makes me feel more powerful.

I feel like I am more than competent in my knowledge of vintage, as I worked with it for years, as well as with my makeup skills. The latter I know I can always improve on and the former I would always love to receive formal training on. 

It is hard when someone doesn't understand what you do, and due to their misconceptions they belittle you. 

I need to work up my nerve a little more and not allow others to determine for me how much I matter. 

Your job as a surgeon does not make you any more of a human than me. My job doesn't save lives, but it allows me to embrace and even make a living off of art. Along with that, is the gratification of making another person feel more confident in themselves; more comfortable in her (and sometimes his) body. 

So yes, this is my full time job. 

And to balance things out, I'm going to post a few photos of my jewelZz. I use antique pocket watches and in the bodies I put crystals, dried flowers, occasionally feathers, and something special and/or spooky (Knuckle bones of wolves, shark teeth, assorted animal claws...)

And here are the moths 

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