Saturday, December 7, 2013


Thank you benefit cosmetics, you hit one out of the park with this new tint!

Lollitint is benefit cosmetics new cheek and lipstain, it happens to be that amazing color that was all over fashion week as well as Pantone's color for 2014, RADIANT ORCHID!! Yes, it was completely necessary for me to capitalize that!

So this stain is gel based, so I feel like it wears better than Benetint, however if you are wearing it on your cheeks, it is best to blend it into a highlighter so that you aren't left with casual color blotches on your cheeks. My personal favorite highlighters to blend it with are Benefit's Watts Up, a champagne colored cream to powder stick you can smear on your face (and I do love the ease of smear technique,) and Nars copacabana illuminator. The latter of which I am wearing in the photo of me. I also accidentally dyed my hair purple this week...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Limecrime, a discussion..

So if it wasn't already apparent how addicted to lipstick I am, I'm going to go into more detail. Specifically with the brand Limecrime.

Despite the fact that this brands popularity seems to be increasing by the hour, not everyone has heard of it. 

And what's particularly strange is that despite its ever growing success, there seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the founder, who goes by the name Doe Deere. In a world where you have the freedom to broadcast a photo of the socks you wore today, you must be prepared to accept the added spice of drama that comes with it. Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately it ain't all compliments! 

I'm not here to feed the flames of discussion about Doe Deere and what is the truth (though I know it is out there...) I am here to talk about my favorite accessory: LIPSTICK.

Black Saturday, I purchased my very first limecrime velveteen. The new, ever anticipated Pink Velvet. Why have I never purchased the two reds offered in the velveteen category, you ask? Because I feel like they are exactly the same as the sephora cream lipstains, except pricier. In addition to that, it is very hard for me to justify the purchase of yet ANOTHER red lip color. 

Despite my inability to let my guard down and actually purchase a red velvet or a suedeberry, I HAVE tried them. Both of them. Courtesy of my favorite twin, Miss Ashley Miller. And to the delight of my wallet, it was exactly how I expected it to be... It was a pricier sephora brand cream lipstain. 

So what made me finally cross over and buy one? Well, it is pink. Not red, AND I also scored a Poisonberry for some sweet Black Friday deals! 

poisonberry by limecrime

Thursday, October 17, 2013

singing the praises of Wanelo

In the time that I was recovering from the whole wisdom teeth thing I discovered the wonderful ap that is Wanelo. It stands for Want Need Love, and it is by far the worst and best thing if you like a little bit of internet shopping. It is like a brilliant catalog of everything you could ever possibly hope to buy, you can make different lists, for instance "things that I could never afford" or "dreamy accessories" to help you organize all your material desires. Now be careful with this new ap, it could be very dangerous to ones bank account.. So feel free to download this baby and add me!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The art of getting lost

(Read: losing stuff, a poem, or really a list)
inspirational quotes

Days of the week, namely. Four wisdom teeth. All the makeup:
MAC lip primer, lip liner, lipsticks.
Generally red. 
Too faced lucky lipstick, made with champagne essence.
Brow pencils.
Eye liner: liquid, pencil, pens.
The naked palette, to be found later, surprisingly sitting in my makeup case.
Stockings: seamed, thigh high, black, ripped, fishnet.
That orange nail polish, glow in the dark.
One of the cat's green eyes, along with our friendship.
Love, simple and sweet.
Love, tumultuous deceit.
Blue hair dye. 
Fifteen other socks.
One pair of too big fake pants.
Assorted parts of my self confidence.
Countless poems written on the back of napkins.
Sketches of clothing.
Doodles of your eyes.
Sight of the future. 
The cap to almost every hair product,
The cap to the glue I use.
Any cap, really.
Glitter nail polish.
Glitter necklace.
Friendship rings.
Virginities, no such thing.
My mind?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Slut-Shaming, brought to you by Miley Cyrus

Slut-Shaming, brought to you by Miley Cyrus

If you have any form of social media you have seen everyone's opinion on Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Before I had even so much as heard of it, a women I follow on instagram had already reposted every possible image she could, and every single “fitspo” (short for fitness inspiration) I follow had her captioned with “WHY I SQUAT.” And I found myself disgusted, but not for the reasons you may think. 
Now. Let's examine the facts... Yes, her costume choice wasn’t all that flattering. True, her performance could have been different. But guess what? It wasn’t. 
To be completely honest, the most I know about Miss Cyrus is the brief mention she gets in the movie Zombieland, when Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin’s (whose breakout role was in the blockbuster Little Miss Sunshine) character are arguing about  Hannah Montana, Miley's breakout role. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but right now I would like to say that I am definitely in her corner.  A very fine line is to be walked when we approach how we judge a young woman’s behavior, and that’s what Miley is, a woman. And I firmly believe that nobody—aside from maybe her doctor—has the right to tell a woman how she should behave.
Women, who are more often referred to as “girls,” are interesting. By the constant praise of the type of girl we should all be trying  to emulate and the continuous belittling of anything that strays from this invented “norm,” society has turned us into something soft and manageable. Just the term “girl” turns us into children, and simply by definition removes both our maturity and power. Stereotypes are hard to break out of, especially when they are blatantly rooted in our basic use of the English language. Miley Cyrus is not acting like the little Hannah Montana “girl" we once knew and that terrifies America. Gosh golly gee, she was imitating sexual acts with a grown man while they were singing.  What's next? A woman chooses to have sex before marriage?? 
Without even trying Cyrus filled America’s hate quota for the month. There is a deep rooted American need right now to focus on why her performance was important. If society doesn’t allow Miley the right to be a woman, this creates a restriction for every female. The reason her performance was allegedly judged so harshly was because it was overly sexualized. Let’s talk about that for a minute. A slut is defined as a person who has casual sex with multiple partners. Generally we are a society that dates multiple people before (or even if) we are married. And when you date, chances are you are going to have sex and if you aren’t, that is entirely your choice, exactly the way having sex is. When you remove all the hate around the word “slut,” the definition is merely a person. A human. A woman or a man.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New lip obsession: Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain"

It is no secret that I have more lipsticks than any one person should own for the entirety of his or her life.

I like to say this is because, well, I'm a makeup artist, and a makeup experimentalist, and a beauty blogger. But truthfully, lipsticks just do it for me. 

And currently I feel like I have discovered the perfect summer lipsticks. Well I suppose they are actually "balm stains" but, I digress.
 Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain"
And what makes them even more special? They are drugstore brand! Revlon you lovable brand, you've done it again! So, the Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain" you are (currently) the lip love of my life.

They were buy one get one free for a hot second so naturally I already have many. And I would love to acquire more. ALLLL THE BALM-STAINS MWAHAHAHA !!

They also taste minty fresh. And I feel like they are perfect for a casual make out sesh. (Yes, a "make out sesh")

They retail around nine dollars, too, so not too shabby !

so kissabe

Friday, July 19, 2013

brows, coral, and Dita Von Teese, oh my !

A post about a few of my favorite things...

So many people may know of my wild obsession with eye brows. How I use both a pencil and a wax and powder to create them. I recently tried an Anastastia brow pencil, the perfect brows one, and it is quite special. My favorite brow thing is always going to be Benefit Cosmetics "browzings."

Well! Benefit is coming out with a tinted brow gel with fibers. Soooooooo! You are welcome for the heads up for possibly my new favorite brow thing ever. Yeee!

On another note, a fancy clothing note, I managed to talk myself into getting a couple pieces from Wheels and Dollbaby, most notably their Dita cardigan. (Cue the  shock and awe music) 
dita love
And in coral. Might I add I REALLY love coral right now. I may even add it to my classic and forever favorites of ballerina pink and black. 

So maybe that sweater was a million dollars, but I adore it to death and you can truly feel the quality. Oh and it was designed by Dita Von Teese. No big deal. 

le fox angora sweaterI also decided to invest in the "le fox" angora sweater which I would swim and sleep and just live in if I could. Unfortunately it really isn't possible to wear both the dita cardi and the "le fox" at the same time, but ya never know.....      
Can I also zero in on how awesome this model's hair is. And I would like to just put it out there that I am REALLY going to TRY to grow out my hair this time.


Oh, also I love Pacey Witter!


(I love television)

Friday, May 3, 2013

A little serious post

Sometimes I need someone to remind me of my worth.

Most of the time I am able to detect what is really about them rather than me, but sometimes I need a little reminder of this.

It is hard to be a girl. One of the bloggers I look up to is thugxwife from her tumblr of that name ( is a wolf-goddess-mermaid who speaks honestly and eloquently. She stands by her opinions and isn't afraid to prove ignorant people wrong (and they so very often are.) I've taken a lot from her posts, mode recently her opinions on the term "girl crush" and how homophobic it really is.

Anyway, I hope to one day have the confidence that she does. And I hope to one day feel as comfortable in my body as she does. She is gorgeous and intelligent as just so very admirable.

All that aside, recently I have made a lot more jewelry (goldenhair madness designs) and people truly love it. It is hard for me to take compliments, and then post them, but they really have. 

I got more moths added to my old one, and that makes me feel more powerful.

I feel like I am more than competent in my knowledge of vintage, as I worked with it for years, as well as with my makeup skills. The latter I know I can always improve on and the former I would always love to receive formal training on. 

It is hard when someone doesn't understand what you do, and due to their misconceptions they belittle you. 

I need to work up my nerve a little more and not allow others to determine for me how much I matter. 

Your job as a surgeon does not make you any more of a human than me. My job doesn't save lives, but it allows me to embrace and even make a living off of art. Along with that, is the gratification of making another person feel more confident in themselves; more comfortable in her (and sometimes his) body. 

So yes, this is my full time job. 

And to balance things out, I'm going to post a few photos of my jewelZz. I use antique pocket watches and in the bodies I put crystals, dried flowers, occasionally feathers, and something special and/or spooky (Knuckle bones of wolves, shark teeth, assorted animal claws...)

And here are the moths 

Monday, March 25, 2013

A blog post about blogging

So if you aren't familiar, Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great resource for the world that is Blog.

One of their posts the other day mentioned the whole "have great content" thing that is every blogger's advice to those just starting out (me.)

I suppose this is just a post to summarize that post real brief like and then maybe I'll give some sort of mission statement or declaration of content or a list of things, because I love lists.

On the whole, IFB stressed the importance of thinking about the readers, and the reason they are reading things on the Interwebz. We read things to get inspired, to be entertained, to be informed.

Just some snippets that really stuck out for me:

"I hear bloggers talk about their blog’s topic, that it’s about “fashion” and/or their “inspiration” which is great, but it doesn’t communicate how the blog helps another person. Even more so it does not communicate, WHY another person should read a blog about a perfect stranger’s inspiration."

"Do you take AMAZING photos, have AMAZING style? I’m saying AMAZING, like knock me out of my chair amazing. Like “Holy moly!” amazing. The sad fact is, that the market is so saturated, and has become so competitive, that if you want to make it taking photos of yourself, that you have to have AMAZING style, unless you pair it with another component, like solving a problem or making people smile."

If you want to read the whole post, which I think you should, here's da link

So, on that note, my photos and style are not particularly knock you outta the park amazing. This isn't me being modest, I take most of my photos with my cell phone camera and my style doesn't really waver from The Jetsons(a little from the past, a little from the future) and/or slutty grandmas.

What I do have to offer is a vast... I don't know if "knowledge" is particularly the right word, maybe "experience" is better suited. If this were a persuasive speech, my ethos would be "my job title is "makeup artist" (well technically 'beauty artist') and in addition to that, I am addicted to makeup. I like to try everything, ever. And maybe this blog is just an excuse to buy myself lots of makeup, but I do have every intention of reviewing it. At some point.

So here is a list of my stats--if you will-- so you can compare yours to mine when it comes to picking out your own makeup...

- I'm incredibly pale.A lot of companies do not even make a shade of foundation that is light enough for me.

- I have combination skin.

- I recently had a good six month battle with cystic acne caused by what I am about 98 percent sure was the birth control shot. Which was horrible. And now the acne is mostly gone (woo hoo ! / knock on wood so I am left with:

- terribly blotchy red skin because of said acne.

- awkwardly dry lips that basically lack any pigmentation without lipstick. So colors may look a lot different on me than others.

- lashes that stick straight out so my mascara search revolves around getting them to be curly.

- brown eyes that are fairly large.

- and other "strong" features that I sometimes hate.

So that is a list of things to be considered when reading a review of mine.

Oh, and my cat is the cutest and cattest cat. Just sayin'

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sister Turquoisehair

So, I'm ever so sorry that I haven't been keeping up with this blog. I'd like to say that I've been busy, but it really doesn't seem like I have. Just a whole lotta bad things, mixed with a whole lotta good things. Not a lot of in between time, and if there is, you bet your buttons you would find me napping.

All that aside, I'm here to discuss Benefit Cosmetic's new line of eyeshadows and a little more of my makeup routine, and just briefly how I've found THE ONE in regards to lipstains.

So in these photos I am wearing two of Benefit's new cream shadows: "blue my mind" and "holy smokes" and on top I am using their "magic ink" liner, which I've oddly grown very fond of. As for mascara I'm still using that leopard print one. My brows are done with Benefit's "browzings" which is my second favorite Benefit product and the one product I could probably not live without..

For my complexion I'm wearing my face armor. LORAC full coverage liquid foundation and MAC's full coverage studio fix powder.

An aside... Although my breakouts have become under control, my face is now red and blotchy from scars :( for that, I spent a million dollars on this product by Dr. Gross that has retinol in it. Which I am very pleased to say is working wonders.

As for cheeks, I've fallen in love with a product called "candlelight glow" by Two Faced. This is really something I've been looking for for a long time. A powder highlighter and blush duo. Most makeup people know that generally ALL highlighters seem to come equipped with a bronzer. And, frankly, that ain't what I want. Unless the bronzer is whatever contour Lilly Munster uses. So to find a powder highlighter of this nature has pleased me greatly. And the blush side is still mostly just a different shade of highlighter. On top of that, I throw on some Super Orgasm.

The lips are Firm Form by MAC. And NYX eyeliner used as a lipliner. I swoon over these lips.

Oh and yes, my hair is currently turquoise. And the cut (I was aiming for a blue Louise Brooks) done by my lovely friend Kris. She nailed it.

Oh and the cream lipstain that is... The one... Is the Lip Maestro by Armani..  Expect me to eventually post something entirely on how awesome that is.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Faced's "sex kitten"

So this is a day late, and these photos aren't technically of the lipstick in the title, but that was the first layer, then MAC's candy yum-yum got layered on top of that, and THEN Russian Red got layered on top of *that*. However, these photos are for a new project my two good friends and I are working on...

We will be taking/styling boudoir Polaroids. I'm on makeup, my friend Morgan will be photographing, and my twinfriend Ashley will be styling. All the details haven't been worked out yet, but keep a lookout, because we are awesome.

Here are some promo/bio/fun polaroids Morgan took and we styled for our about us section of the website..

Monday, February 4, 2013

Firm Form by MAC

So I didn't take this photo today but I'm bad at following through with things on my days off of work, so here is my opinions about Firm Form from MAC's "strength" collection.

I love this color to pieces, it is like a dark dark almost-purpley black that is reminiscent of "rocker" to me because of the casual glitter it holds. And because I am a crazy gothish girl who you wouldn't want to bring home to your parents I absolutely love it and want to wear it everyday. Thank you to mamagrubs on Instagram for posting that it was restocked online. I am super sad I missed out on all the other colors, but this one is just perfect for me for right now!

Firm Form MAC

Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAC's Russian Red, a week of lipstick reviews

Starting with my favorite redsssss!

My all time favorite red lipsticks (in no order) are: by MAC: Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Love Goddess From the Marilyn Monroe collection and by Limecrime: Retrofuturist! (and that baby blue baby is a new toy a lipstick primer by Two Faced)

My favorite red of all time is a tie between Retrofuturist and Russian Red.

Generally whatever I call my "favorite" always turns out to be a tie.

Russian Red was my very first red lipstick. My old roommate gave it to me as a gift a long long time ago and it just sortof stuck. It really is just the perfect "retro" red. And although I hate the word "retro" it just kindof fits...

Retrofuturist is a newer discovery, it is a "true red." Usually one only encounters blue-reds and pink-reds and orange-reds, but this one is spot on. Limecrime is easily one of my favorite makeup brands right now for a number of reasons, at the top of the list is their colors. Oh, I die.

Ruby Woo was introduced to me when I was working at Idol Vintage in the Mission District of San Francisco. The best and worst thing about it is that it doesn't budge. Why is it also the worst, you ask? It is a very *very* drying lipstick. A lot of the time I will just put Russian Red over it to add some moisture.

Both Russian Red and Ruby Woo are "matte."

And lastly the Marilyn lipstick. This one just goes on pure and smooth. It is a "satin," and yes I did buy almost all the other lipsticks from that collection. I skipped the orangeyred one that I can't remember the name of and regret not buying solely because my set is incomplete!

I suppose this was more of a "favorites" than an actual review, but it is just seven days of lipsticks, mmmmkay?

Be bop-a- Lula

I'm wearing Russian Red in this picture! Along with Magic Ink liquid liner by Benefit, that strange cream brow filler by Makeup Forever, Lorac Foundation with MAC powder, and a sweet new baby from Two Faced that will get its own post at some point because it is the product I've been looking for my whole liiiiiifeeee!

And just because, here's a photo of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not. This is the movie where they fell in love.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Candy Apple Review !

So my whole life I've been searching for both a matte red lipstick with red glitter and a matte red nailpolish with red glitter. I realize layering can happen but I just don't understand why some colors (my nailpolish for instance [by Flossgloss]) are so much more present than others when it comes down to glitter.

The closest I've come to this holy grail is a lipgloss by Limecrime. One of their "carousel glosses" in the color "candy apple." As far as the nailpolish goes, maybe Flossgloss will have one that comes out soon.

--a brief aside, this Flossgloss nailpolish is a gold opaque glitter in one coat.(called "stun").... way too fantastic.--

Anyway! My review of this gloss. So, I bought it for myself Christmas of 2011 after a breakup that I thought would kill me. I'm addition to that baby, I also bought retrofuturist, which is my all time favorite red lipstick. (Both gloss and retrofuturist are from Limecrime.) and for some reason Christmas 2011 I wasn't all that impressed. This was almost entirely due to the fact that I layered it over a red lipstick and the glitter just wasn't glittery enough. Lifeissohard. So I kinda forgot it existed for a good year and Christmas 2012 my twinfriend Instagram'd me a photo of that gloss and I was like "Mehhhhhhhh." So she wanted to see it, so I pulled it out of my treasure chest/bottomless pit of lipsticks to try out again.

What was discovered, it does get fairly glittery, but only if you wear it by itself. I do pair it with a lipliner, in the case of these photos I'm using NYX's "hot red" (I lost my regular red lip liner from MAC) what is nice though, is that despite it being a gloss, you can still get it to be pretty opaque. Yeee!

The only drawback is I'm not too much of a gloss girl, as after a while it just ends up all over my face. (As is the case with these pictures!)

PS plz excuse how awkward my makeup looks because of da flash.
PPS plz excuse my skin, it is still in recovery.

PPPS my coworker Tiara is cute. Go stalk her. =)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jewels and crystals and changes

The week before last, the day before the world was supposed to end, a woman sat in my chair at work and told me about the Aztec calendar. So, the way it goes, the world was not supposed to end and a new calendar was going to start. She had an exact number of years (that I can't remember) that the calendar that was ending was made up of, and told me that this calendar that was ending was very focused on the masculine side of things and this new calendar to start was supposed to be very.. For lack of better words to explain.. girl powered.

She also told me that we needed to meditate at 3:12am about what we were hoping for in this new calendar year. Although I did not meditate, this whole concept really stuck with me. Every new year everyone has this "new year, new you" mindset of hopes to lose weight or get prettier or fix something, and I didn't really care about any of that until she told me about this x-number of girl power years to come.

I do want to make things happen, I truly want to get over the things(people) that seem to be holding me back, and I want to honestly start creating things again. I desperately need to move on and for once I feel like I can. Or even simply that I want to.

I get caught up in things and I tell long stories and forget the point. That's okay. Girl power year(s) of change.

So I bought a book on crystals and I am collecting flowers to press and I started making jewelry. And I still want to learn metal smithing, but what I'm doing is okay for right now.

I'm still into weird things, still morbid, still would rather watch x-files and makeout with someone as opposed to going to a super neato awesome house party, bro. Still hate burning man. Still love vintage. Still David Lynch and John Waters obsessed.

I am changing, but laterally. I want this to stick.

And if I had to pick a New Years resolution, it would be to become Yo-Landi Vi$$er.

PS: I got a haircut, finally, and I'm starting to feel whole again.

PPS: I love David Duchovney.

marry me.

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