Thursday, July 17, 2014

TheBalm Review

Thebalm swatches

Top to bottom, flash and then no flash: Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou, and Toile.

Thebalm swatches

I recently scored some sweet deals for TheBalm because Nordstrom Rack's online app thing had a flash sale, and they finally all came to me on Tuesday. I'm not sure why, but they shipped my three purchases separately? And so I got the Cindy-Lou Manizer first, and then yesterday swooped the Mary-Lou Manizer and the ever beautiful Instain blush in "toile." 
here ! 
I'm absolutely mad about this blush color, I purchased it because I had a dream about strawberries, and when I woke up to a text from my darling fellow blogtress and makeup artist extroadanaire Amanda Storey saying to check out the sale, the description of the color was "strawberry," and so obviously I had to have it. 

Cindy-Lou looks a lil weird on me, as I'm so damn pale, she is a rich pinky gold, similar to Benefit's Rockateur. And I think that generally looks better on people who have a bit of color. 

Mary-Lou on the other hand is perfect. A yellow-gold highlight that is just soft enough to make you feel all delicious and warm inside. It is as if you are just so damn brilliant that you are glowing from the inside out.

All three have a very creamy kinda texture, so no chalky weirdness. 

I will definitely be needing more blushes soon ! 

I have Mary Lou and toile on here ! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Makeup of the Day post

Gypsy queen

So last night was my first go at a flower crown and I think I actually did pretty well ! I may be selling these dudes so keep an eye out!

So for makeup today I did my usual things, and added some new guys! 

Russian red

I just got one of three of my purchases the theBalm in the mail, the Mary Lou-manizer. She is a rose gold highlighter/illumninator baby and is different from most highlighters I'm used to as she gives me a bit of color. 

I also have a different shadow primer on as I ran out of painterly, which I basically just use every day to kill my eyelid discoloration. So I've been wearing MAC's "let's skate" in it's stead. Pretty and sparkly and I'm told they made this guy apart of the permanent collection, which is delightful. 

Am trying out the covergirl beyond gorgeous concealer, and it's alright. Nothing to write home about. Not life changing, bla bla. 

Flower crown

And finally.. Today I'm wearing my Russian Red by MAC, which really is always my favorite red. No matter where I stray, I always come back. Probably the Russian gypsy in me. 

So this is just a tiny update as I am still working on transcribing my interview with the wonderful Amanda Storey. I also have a couple posts on back order(if you will,) that I need to edit on a proper computer before I post.

All the X's and O's,

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