Monday, August 18, 2014

The Internet is for Buying (all the) Things!

So I've developed a bit of an addiction to internet shopping, and I'm comfortable with that. My Gypsy Warrior obsession started with a collaboration between them and one of my favorite artists that I follow on Instagram, Deerjerk. She makes the most incredible wood carvings that I have ever seen. Not that I've seen lots of art in this medium, but that's what makes her work that much more brilliant. So after I scooped up a "potions" crop top and a "kiss of doom" muscle tee during one of gypsy warriors sales, I thought.. What else?

Other websites to check out would be Nastygal, Modcloth, Black Salt, Tobi, Gilt, Blackmilk, Wheels and Dollbaby, and if we added makeup to this list it would be never ending! But the aforementioned are one of the following: special, not found in America, awesomely fast shippers. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

TheBalm Review

Thebalm swatches

Top to bottom, flash and then no flash: Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou, and Toile.

Thebalm swatches

I recently scored some sweet deals for TheBalm because Nordstrom Rack's online app thing had a flash sale, and they finally all came to me on Tuesday. I'm not sure why, but they shipped my three purchases separately? And so I got the Cindy-Lou Manizer first, and then yesterday swooped the Mary-Lou Manizer and the ever beautiful Instain blush in "toile." 
here ! 
I'm absolutely mad about this blush color, I purchased it because I had a dream about strawberries, and when I woke up to a text from my darling fellow blogtress and makeup artist extroadanaire Amanda Storey saying to check out the sale, the description of the color was "strawberry," and so obviously I had to have it. 

Cindy-Lou looks a lil weird on me, as I'm so damn pale, she is a rich pinky gold, similar to Benefit's Rockateur. And I think that generally looks better on people who have a bit of color. 

Mary-Lou on the other hand is perfect. A yellow-gold highlight that is just soft enough to make you feel all delicious and warm inside. It is as if you are just so damn brilliant that you are glowing from the inside out.

All three have a very creamy kinda texture, so no chalky weirdness. 

I will definitely be needing more blushes soon ! 

I have Mary Lou and toile on here ! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Makeup of the Day post

Gypsy queen

So last night was my first go at a flower crown and I think I actually did pretty well ! I may be selling these dudes so keep an eye out!

So for makeup today I did my usual things, and added some new guys! 

Russian red

I just got one of three of my purchases the theBalm in the mail, the Mary Lou-manizer. She is a rose gold highlighter/illumninator baby and is different from most highlighters I'm used to as she gives me a bit of color. 

I also have a different shadow primer on as I ran out of painterly, which I basically just use every day to kill my eyelid discoloration. So I've been wearing MAC's "let's skate" in it's stead. Pretty and sparkly and I'm told they made this guy apart of the permanent collection, which is delightful. 

Am trying out the covergirl beyond gorgeous concealer, and it's alright. Nothing to write home about. Not life changing, bla bla. 

Flower crown

And finally.. Today I'm wearing my Russian Red by MAC, which really is always my favorite red. No matter where I stray, I always come back. Probably the Russian gypsy in me. 

So this is just a tiny update as I am still working on transcribing my interview with the wonderful Amanda Storey. I also have a couple posts on back order(if you will,) that I need to edit on a proper computer before I post.

All the X's and O's,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lip/cheek Round 3! Julie Hewett

If you weren't already aware, I own a massive amount of makeup. Especially lip products, and cheek products, and every now and then I buy a special lady that goes both ways. *wink* This product by Julie Hewett, the "cheekie" cheek and lipshine in the color "Bette" is a delightful wonder. I first spied it on one of my favorite bloggers that I have been following since the days of livejournal, Keiko Lynn.  This color is sortof a dusty rose with a bit of a shimmer. Not overwhelming shimmery but just enough to give it some depth !

Other things on my face:

Benefit Cosmetics "they're real push up liner."
Anastasia "brow wiz" in ash blonde.
Too Faced "candlelight glow" highlighter. 
Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour concealer in the lightest color 
Maybelline waterproof cat eyes "colossal volum' express" with Rimmel "scandeleyes" layered on top.
Bésame soufflé foundation in "bisque"

Coming soon will be my review/post about about the Bésame cream rouge..

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bésame Cosmetics Wish List

Brightening violet compact

brightening violet compact
When I discovered the existence of the pressed powder I was super bummed out that I bought the loose powder, as it is known that I am terrible at using things that are loose powder. Also look how damn cute that compact is !

Black Cake Mascara
Black Cake Mascara
This I need solely to feed my curiosity. I had to watch a youtube video on exactly how this works, but it really looks like something I could fall in love with. There's something just so novel about being able to go through the very same makeup movements that some of my favorite silver screen sirens had perfected.

American Beauty Lipstick
American Beauty Lipstick
So it is true that I need another red lipstick like I need a hole in the head, but then again.... you can never have enough red lipsticks.

Portrait Pink Lipstick
Portrait Pink Lipstick
I think the first time I saw this lipstick was on instagram on @iddavanmunster, who is easily one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Apricot Cream Rouge
apricot cream rouge
Oddly, I wasn't able to properly locate the apricot cream rouge on the website, so please forgive my instagram shot. So I obviously need this product, as I so desperately love the classic cream rouge that they make. Also, it perfectly ties in with my cheek and lip jam(get it? Jam! Apricot!!) that I have going on.

Lip/Cheek Round 2, Jouer Cosmetics

blue hair don't care

Today's makeup !!

Tarte concealer on assorted blemishes and under eyes.
My coworker Belle's Pixie color corrector under my eyes. 
Bésame lavender loose powder. 
Jouer "peony" on my lips and cheeks.
Nars "Copacabana" high light.
My usual mascara and brow routine (see yesterday's post)
Benefit Cosmetics They're Real eyeliner; today I wore it without primer underneath to test it's longevity. 

jouer cosmetics peonySo I thought I would do a few days of showcasing my lip/cheek products ! 

This Jouer product is really a treasure. It's texture is like nothing I have ever experienced. It's application reminds me of playing with my mom's watercolors as a child. It's a touch drying on the lips, which I find common amongst cheek/lip combos like this, so I used the new Posietint Lipbalm by Benefit to keep it fresh throughout the day. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A makeup of the day post !

Today I have on....

they're real liner
Becca beach tint in "dragonfruit" on my lips and cheeks. 
Nars highlight in "Copacabana."
The random Marilyn Monroe powder from MAC that I forgot I owned.
Bésame soufflé foundation in "bisque"
Benefit Cosmetics they're real liner
Maybelline waterproof cat eyes "colossal volum' express" with Rimmel "scandeleyes" layered on top.
Anastasia brow wiz in "ash blonde," outlined with MAC studio finish NW15 concealer.

And set with my new favorite discovery for my incredibly dry skin: NYX Dewey finish setting spray ! 
they're real liner
My love for Becca products grows with each product I pick up. These beach tints are marvelous and a little really goes a long way. I went in to Sephora to get samples of the highlighters "moonstone" or "pearl," but after being forced into two different awkward conversations with workers, I ended up not realizing that the cashier hadn't put my samples in the bag and gave me some other weird samps instead. LIFE IS HARD. 

Anyway, I mentioned earlier a magic thing I just discovered with the NYX Dewey finish setting spray. Sooooo I don't know if this spray makes me makeup long lasting, but it DOES make me extra dry skin not be flakey and creepy. Despite how much I moisturize there is still a struggle of foundation getting flakey around my chin, but with this guy my skin looks damn good. 

Oh and this extremely fashionable crocheted headbandy thing? I made it. I am grandmas.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Looking good is the Best Revenge

So, in three years I've only had one real complaint, other than recently when I told someone to please use a tester mascara wand next time she wants to try the mascara....

Mascara girl got PISSED and even though I had my Benefit sweet as pie voice on and said it was "not a big deal" at least three times, she was still furious for some reason and said "WELL IF IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL, THEN WHY IS IT A BIG DEAL???" "'s for your health and safety and the health and safety of others..." So that was weird and she asked me to write down my first and last name and I was like "CERTAINLY!" Still in my sweet as pie voice, but I digress...

So my actual complaint was from this one woman and her posse of other women. To make things short and sweet, I did a meh job on a woman who wanted things that our makeup really can't do. 

So the next day the woman in charge of the aforementioned posse came in, said lots of mean things about me, including but not limited to "she should not be allowed to touch a humans face," AND left a mean note just to sorta top it off. 

So! This woman made another appointment for another posse of women to get their makeup done and requested NOT ME, but of course I had to be there. So I went out of my way to look stunning and be sweet as pie sickeningly nice to her.

All in all it wasn't very eventful, I didn't get into any fistfights with clients, but looking good is definitely the best revenge! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Deathiversary !

van gogh
So two years ago, I got into a pretty bad car accident in which I didn't die but probably should have. I wasn't injured AT ALL (aside from the bruises I had on my arm because the ambulance failed five times at attempting to give me an IV, and some cuts on my scalp from glass) and it was a really really strange thing to experience. So this year and last I have been referring to May 17th as the anniversary of my death. (My mom calls it my "second birthday" and sent me earrings, my mom is easily the best mom.)

Last year I made my twin drive me around and I got some more moths tattooed on me by Erik Jacobsen at Idle Hand. This year I drove myself to some random woods in Marin, and then my best friend Brian, who was the one who picked me up from the ER and had whiskey, took me to this beautifully Peruvian food restaurant. Delicious and magical.


And on Saturday I am going back to Jacobsen at Idle Hand and am getting a sunflower, which I was inspired to get for a number of reasons but top of the list being my favorite artist, Van Gogh, and his creepy and sad and wonderful sunflowers.

wet n wild
poppy kingThis post slightly lacks beauty, but I am currently obsessing over the Wet n' Wild Megalast lipsticks !

Also on the topic of beauty, I just ordered Poppy King's book Lessons of a Lipstick Queen and can't wait to read and report back !

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sephora Cream Lipstain Revisited !

I have a massive post on how much I love the Sephora cream lipstain so I will keep this one short and sweet!

sephora cream lipstain
Easily, of the stains I tried this past week, my favorite. Lime Crime comes in a close second, but Sephora wins ! 

Why, you ask? Because it goes on smooth like liquid lipstick does, and stays on forever without any stickiness, only very soft and velvety delicious texture. 

The only drawbacks are: it's tricky to apply, one needs a fairly steady hand and the applicator isn't too forgiving. And you can't really touch it up without it getting slightly crumbly. However, given that it never ever comes off, you don't really ever need to reapply. 
sephora cream lipstain

This post is also brought to you by my Tinkerbell hair ! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Limecrime Pink Velvet Review

This was going to be my final cream lipstain review and then I was going to dedicate a post to the cream lipstains I do not own but desperately want to try. But I may just do another post about the Sephora cream lipstain, just so that I can properly compare it to the Lime Crime, which I wore today !

pink velvet
So, Lime Crime I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. There's a touch of a controversy surrounding the company's founder and after reading into it, I was kinda put off. I'm not going to go into detail about all of that, because this post is based on the lipstain !

So! Pink Velvet is pretty damn awesome. It goes on smooth like creamy lipglossy goodness, and dries soft. It lasts for most of the day, with the center fading only when I had lunch. And it just feels so light and delightful, as if I'm not wearing anything. The center does get a bit crumbly at the end of the day. But otherwise awesome ! The color is also magically bright. And I can't remember if I had said this before in my post about Lime Crime, but the reason I finally bought Pink Velvet after resisting the Velvetines for so long is that I had a dream about it before it existed. Gypsy third eye and all that.
pink velvet

This last picture is after four hours of wear and eating lunch, not too shabby !

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hourglass Cosmetics Cream Lipstain

Although I only bleached and toned my hair this weekend rather than picking a color, I wanted to continue with my cream lipstain reviews !
Hourglass Cosmetics Canvas

So next on the list is Hourglass Cosmetics. I talk a little bit more about it in this post, but I also wanted to give it a closer look...

Hourglass Cosmetics CanvasI purchased the color "canvas" after watching a youtube video from one of my favorite youtubers, Cami of CamilovesKiwi. It's the perfect shade of pale pink, and it really does last all day. It isn't too drying, it does stay a touch sticky rather than soft like the NYX stain, but I'm comfortable with that. The wear on this product is amazing, in addition to the fact that it basically doesn't budge. These pictures I took were after six hours of wear and jussssst a touch of crying. Also this was my first attempt at milk maid braids since I've had hair(that wasn't reallllly short, that is,) not so bad. The highlight I have on my cheeks is Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Sorry about the interruption of the week of cream lipstains, I am currently dying my hair one of the following colors and it requires all of my attention... We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow ! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

NYX soft matte lip cream

After a thirty+ minute search of my apartment for the NYX cream lipstain that was on the schedule for today, I realized a few things. 1. I desperately need to organize things, and 2. I have more makeup than most of the world.
nyx, lush, caudalie

Finally after tearing everything apart I was able to locate the baby, NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo. Also amongst the rubble I rediscovered my Lush Cosmetics Bubblegum lip scrub and my Caudalíe lip conditioner, so I thought, "hey, how about we put these dudes to use!" (Yes, I sometimes refer to my lip products as "dudes") 

So I casually lip scrubbed and licked off the excess bubblegum sugary deliciousness and coated my lips in the lip conditioner. I then proceeded to do the rest of my makeup routine, which today included some other lost and now found items: Inglot's bright blue mascara, and Makeup Forever's white eyeliner

After all that jazz, I removed the excess lip conditioner (really actually just fancy lip balm TBH, but I do so love a good lip balm) and applied Monte Carlo... 

So what I remembered about when I first bought it is that it seemed a touch like the product had dried out a bit. That was still the case, but despite my hesitation I went for it, because I am devoted to the cause !!!

nyx monte carlo
AND! I'm really happy I did. This product is truly everything the name says. It is very soft, definitely matte, and a lip cream. It stays put and doesn't bleed, unlike the Giorgios of yesterday, and fades pretty damn evenly. Even after I ate my bagel with egg and cheese it just sortof casually slipped off, leaving behind a pretty little stain. Not bad for six whole dollars, aye? Especially versus the thirty three dollars the Armani lip maestro will put you out of ! 

Two thumbs up for this dude, and I may have to reintroduce him into my rotation.

Up tomorrow… Hourglass !

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Days of Lipstains Reviews: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

The cream lip stains I own are:
- Sephora brand
- Armani 
- Hourglass
- Limecrime 
What I haven't tried that I want to:
- Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 
- BMB Cosmetics

I already devoted a whole post to the Sephora cream lipstain that I love, which I will link here ! So let's move on to the Armani "Lip Maestro" ....

lip maestro review
So, to be quite honest, I LOVED this product so very hard when I first bought it, the texture is everything you could hope for when it comes to these long wearing products: velvety, soft, not sticky. It lasts for ages, and the color was damn good. However, at some point I noticed it got fairly bleedy. Which is something I can't really deal with. So I slightly retired it, tossing it in amongst my other millions of red lipticks in favor of something else.
benefit cosmetics

I recently revisited it after my twin telling me that she lost hers. Now.. the color seems a little different from what I remember, a little more orange than red. And it still bleeds. But it is fairly long wearing and so velvety soft! However, it's definitely NOT my favorite. I found that I liked wearing it underneath other lipsticks to give the lipsticks that I liked better a longer wear.. IDK! Oh, and the apron I am wearing in this photo, (that would be the pink bow-tie, white collar, blue ruffles action) is what the lovely Sutter Store ladies and myself will be wearing for the rest of this month, courtesy of whoever won the last project runway: under the gunn !

urban decay and giorgio armani

I would recommend, to avoid the bleedy, to use a long wearing lip liner. I used Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on lip pencil in the color "69"
and was careful to only put the lip maestro right UP to the liner and not over it!

…..And I also scored some sweet rings that match my tattoo today ! Win !
the owls are not what they seem

Tomorrow, assuming I can find it: NYX

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From behind the tree in the back of the woods

On Sunday my friend Morgan, Sussie and I went on a photo journey to the woods by moss beach. The ones of me and Sussie were taken by Morgan aka polaresqueboudoir and the photos of just me were taken by the magnificent Sussie from Sweden: you can visit her website here !! I did the makeup and styling... We are wearing vintage slips, and the lipstick I have on is Hourglass Cosmetics opaque rouge liquid lipstick in canvas, which I feel like is more of a ballet pink than the shade they have that is called 'ballet,' but that's just me. I think I'll do a review of all the different types of cream lipstains I have, since I have developed quite the collection..

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