Sunday, September 23, 2012

Write, right?

Oddly enough I have a degree in writing, and oddly enough most of the writing I do today is not pinning new additions to the novel I've been working on for years and years now. Most of the writing I do floats around on the Internet. A lot of it is in my slightly yet not-so writing blog on blogspot, and now most of it seems to be on Instagram. I'm hoping that this new addition proves to be more substantial than Instagram, she says sarcastically.

So, I am still pretty much a 13 year old girl as it turns out. I'm really into Taylor Swift, glitter, and The Hunger Games right now. And you had better believe I have a sexy degree in writing and am lavishly enjoying teen novels whilst using probably improper verbiage just because my brain has become dusty from disuse. Or misuse.

But I would like to say that I really quite like The Hunger Games. I also liked Battle Royale, but in a different way.

In other news, today I ogled the Marilyn Monroe collection that MAC is coming out with a few days after my birthday and pre ordered some goodies.

They outdid themselves with the beautiful blushes they have, and I even found myself wanting both of the glosses even though I don't really do lipgloss. It is sticky and your hair gets stuck in it !!!

However ! #beneplug Benefit Cosmetics makes FANTASTIC lipglosses that are made to pair with their blushes that are not sticky, but smooth and moisturizing.

They came out around the same time, while in line at Sephora, I spontaneously purchased a squeeze-tube of the "rosebud salve" that usually comes in the circle tins. You know, the sweet little blue tins that have the delicate pink balm tucked up inside? The first one I ever got was from Disneyland, actually... Anyway, Sephora with its tricks had the squeeze-tube version just patiently waiting for me to purchase, and the next day when desperately scrounging in my bag for a lipbalm I came across the benefit lipgloss first... I noticed that... There really wasn't anything to notice. Both products so deliciously smooth and hydrating. Soft.

My favorite colors are Hoola, which goes on bronzeygoldyclear and Dandelion(also my favorite Benefit blush,) which goes on softypinkynudeyclear. There are four other colors that are.. Well, a lot more colorful but those two are my favorites.

And even though I just ruined my classic rock music/respectably adult makeup/deep intellectual street cred, I would still like to say...



PS I promise to post better pictures later because I am really busy right now

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Haul !!

So today I strolled into my favorite Sephora (Novato) and my friend worker (Samantha) and I ran around the store trying on glittery things and this is a post about what I came home with !!

First and foremost, my reason for going, "Too Faced's" BETTER THAN FALSE LASHES mascara thang. Now this is for my coworker and tomorrow we will be playing with it, so there will definitely be a follow up post!

Second, I caved in and bought the shiseido eyelash curler. This is by far the best curler I've used. And I also own the shu uemura one. And have tried probably every brand at this point and the shiseido wins, hands down.

And after trying on pretty much every glittery thing inside of sephora I stepped away with (drum roll)

"Bare Minerals" illuminating mineral veil, which is pretty much finishing powder faery dust.


This product by "Lorac" called 3D liquid lustre diamond. Which is basically silver liquid faery dust that you can wear over eyeshadow, as eyeshadow, as a high lighter, or however you damn well please because it is MFing liquid glitter!!

I also got a SUGAR KISSES mini lip duo by "Fresh" which I already know I love. Soft soft lipssssss. Some hair mask samples which will be good for my broken naturally white hair in addition to an Ojon hair oil thang my cat has already chewed through the packaging.

Yes, it is true. I am thirteen years old and I love glitter.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My little family, my slight obsession

In San Francisco, my little family is basically me and my cat. And my twinfriend, Ashley

smudge dylanMy cat, Smudge Dylan, son of Bob Dylan (other known aliases: smudgecat, smudgeflake, the smudge, catface, king of the catsle, smudgeling) has seen me at my worst and my best. He is a furry princess, and the most important thing to me.

And because I yam who I yam, I figured this first official post should be about two of my favorite things: my cat, and Marilyn Monroe, and lipstick. okaymaybethatwasthree

So maybe everyone knows this now, but MAC cosmetics is coming out with a Marilyn Monroe line on October fourth, one day after my birthday, and I am way too excited.

I will most definitely be posting reviews about the many things I will be buying, but right now is the moment--if you didn't already know-- you can just take a moment with me and let out a girlish squeal ! The packaging alone makes me swoon and I don't care if all of the products are the same as something they already have, I just can't.even.

This post isn't really exciting if you already knew about this (and if you know me at all you probably did) but just a friendly reminder that you should probably be getting me a giftcard to MAC for my birthday :)

Finally the topic of lipstick. I am a junky. My favorite brands right now for lipsticks are Limecrime and MAC. Now, I am a makeup artist and I do work for a certain makeup company, but it isn't MAC, so I'm not particularly biased. Sortof. Favorite colors right now: Limecrime's Retrofuturist (a true red) and Chinchilla (a greyish purpley nude.) At the top of my MAC list right now is Rocker, because they briefly brought it back to life (I missed out on Moxie andd Candy Yum Yum :( ) and always in rotation are Russian Red and Ruby Woo. When it comes down to it, I am a red lipstick gal through and through. But occasionally I switch it up, sometimes I just reach into my purse and whatever I grab first is whatever I will wear that day. I'm not very good at planning ahead, but I am impressively good at working on the spot. Or on the run.

In the beginning..

Why hello,

This is Sarah Goldenhair of Goldenhair Beauty, makeup experimentalist extraordinaire's take on beauty products, fashion, and makeup (which is definitely separate from beauty products for some reason) and anything I deem beautiful.

A brief introduction….

I am obsessed with all things vintage, french and/or foreign, soft, colorful, made of fur, and black and gold. I like pets, vintage, writing, red lipstick, fashion, and all things creepy, cooky, mysterious andor spooky. I collect useless things and am beginning to walk the fine line of hoarderdom. I like to incorporate lingerie into my work attire as much as possible, and I work for a big makeup company now owned by an even bigger company and this makes me completely correct about all of my opinions about cosmetics. ;) I am also quite sarcastic.

My addictions include: David Lynch (with a big underline for Twin Peaks,) John Waters, B-Horror, Netflix, chocolate soy milk, buying things off the internet (,) creepy silent films, bad/nerdy/trashy television shows, and drinking red wine whilst slow dancing to 70s French music. And rakija, which is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like Tom Waits and you want to make out with me.

And I have one(1) white cat named Smudgecat who used to have a gray smudge on his head when he was just a Smidge but he has grown out of it so it is now just kindof silly. He will make many appearances in anything I do, as he is a princess.

lovelove and bisous,

Sarah Goldenhair of Goldenhair Beauty

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