Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell addition... And dogs. And the Smudge

I would like to make an Internet proclamation that I have wanted the J-Campbell "back offs" since I started stalking the black milk website many years ago via one of my favorite fashion blogs, the the kingdom of style. And I would then, like to make a declaration that I will be ordering them sometime this week. alsoistolethatphotoofftheinternets

#dyingofexcitement (I would just like to also state that I find hashtags absolutely HILARIOUS, #andidoloveinstagram)

On another topic, I really want to rescue a dog. Specifically this dog. And I am trying to think of ways in which I could do that.


Time and Smudgecat are my biggest concerns. I wouldn't want to have to leave this sweet lil baby all alone while I'm at work, and I wouldn't want to make the smudge feel inadequate.

HOWEVER, maybe they would fall in love and keep each other fluffy company while I am away... Or maybe Smudge would casually try to sabotage this new addition and push her out the window and then put on his little angel wings and halo and pretend all is good.


Oh also my apartment doesn't allow dogs but I may be moving in with my twinfriend sometime soon!

smudge cat, babyyyy smudge cat !

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sephora's cream lipstain review !

So I mostly bought this lipstain because my twinfriend had it, and after I swatch'd it on the back of my hand, I fell in love with the color. And what really had me sold... the next day the color was still there.

In my last post I talked about the MAC liquid last liner and how it was like sharpie, well this lipstick is like red sharpie. An if you haven't noticed, I am a big fan of things that will actually stay on and (in the case of lipsticks) not bleed.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

So immediately I had to run to Sephora to pick up this gem ! And this was.... A leetle less than a year ago, and around that time this baby was featured in a magazine, and as such all of the Sephora's of SF were sold out of it. If anyone uses/used NARS "dragon girl," you feel my pain.

Soooo what's a girl to do? Luckily, I developed a crush on the Novato Sephora, possibly because their customer service is lovely and possibly because they actually have the products I want.

Anyway.. That was some backstory, here's some more review...

Lip liners are definitely needed for this bad boy, unless you are a very talented painter because this lipstain application requires some skills. Or patience. I generally don't have either so I stick to a lip liner. Then you just paint in the lines and you've got a lip color that will really last you all freakin' day.

It has a matte finish, but occasionally I like to switch it up and put Benefit's "California kissin'" gloss on top because it can be a bit on the drying side.

Other than that, four thumbs up for the sephora cream lipstain! I think the color I'm using is either color "0" or color "1" they have a strawberry kind of red that is also pretty, but this one is the red-red one.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's in my makeup bag!

Now, keep in mind this is excluding lipsticks.

First I would like to give thanks to my favorite makeup bag, the 'Gabby" bag by Benefit Cosmetics. It has pockets for brushes. Pockets. For brushes. And if you've ever had the pleasure of using brushes with your makeup you will understand how lovely this addition is. And if you don't use brushes, you should probably start.

So this is being told in the order in which I put my makeup on...

(After moisturizing..)

I start with my eyes. I have MAC's "painterly" paint pot as my base.

The shadows I keep with me are MAC's  "phloof!" "copperplate" and "naked lunch." Naked Lunch is easily one of my favorite shadow colors. It is a soft nude with some shimmer... so simple and so lovely. There really is no reasoning behind the other colors I have chosen to carry with me..

  I carry around three different types of eyeliner, all very necessary. Two are by MAC: their "liquid last" liner, which stays on like nothing I have ever seen before. And my general favorite; blacktrack fluidline gel liner. And last but certainly not least, Benefit's waterproof badgal pencil liner. I love this liner because it will stay in my upper waterline. Which is quite spectacular.

Then, time for zee lashes. So I have a small confession.. In addition to my lipstick addiction, I also am a ridiculous connoisseur of mascara's. What I'm using right this minute is Maybelline's "the colossal volum' express." But I always curl my lashes with my shiseido lashcurler. Definitely my favorite lash curler, even compared to the shumemora one.

So the issue with my lashes is they tend to stick straight out. So my goal is always to find a mascara that does not weigh them down, and right now this is hands down the winner.

I also carry around some very important GLITTER. Because I freakin love glitter. Urban Decay's heavy metal called "midnight cowboy," a lovely gold liner. And LORAC's "3D liquid lustre" which is pretty much liquid glitter you can put wherever. I tend to use it as an eyeshadow but it is in a cute little bottle with a little tincture and so very very versatile.

 Onto another obsession... Eyebrowz. So my general look is blonde hair, red lips, and dark brows. So I carry around three different products solely for my brows. First ! All time favorite: Benefit's "browzings" in deep. It is a wax and powder. The wax gives the brows their shape, and allows something for the powder to adhere to. Then you throw on the powder and you've got yourself some brows! Then I have MAC's brow pencil on "stud" that I use to get a really sharp line for under my brows, this I also sometimes use to draw on a fake mole (shhhh, secretsss.) And a newby to my collection: Makeup For Ever's "waterproof eyebrow corrector" Now this is an interesting one. This is a gel for the brows. And I am still trying to get the hang of it, because it can be purrrrfect, or completely tragic. For people who actually have brows this probably wouldn't be an issue.

Now for da face! Right now I've been using Givenchy's "photo'perfexion" as my foundation, which blends beautifully but gives medium coverage. My skin is still in a state of recovery, so when I'm out of this I think I will try out this oil free foundation by "LORAC" that my coworker uses. And by that I mean we only use Benefit products all the time and stuff. Then I throw some of MAC's "studio fix" powder on top. And if I'm feeling particularly tired or broken out, I use Stila's "perfecting concealer"

Cheeky time! One of my favorite times :) I'm currently packing NARS "super orgasm" as my blush. Always a beautiful color. And constantly I have (well mini versions) of the tie for my favorite Benefit product: "high beam" and "watts up" both fantastic highlighters. Because I like to look luminous rather than bronzey, as I am the palest person in the world.

Others: I have quite the collection of mini things from Benefit: all three cheek and lipstains: cha cha (coral,) posie(pinky) and the classic benetint(rosy.) I also have "sun beam" a beautiful bronzey highlighter that looks absolutely beautiful on everyone except for me and "stay don't stray," which is a fantastic shadow primer.

And once again, keep in mind this is excluding lipsticks. Because I carry like ten hundred with me at all times. And they are all completely necessary.

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