Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell addition... And dogs. And the Smudge

I would like to make an Internet proclamation that I have wanted the J-Campbell "back offs" since I started stalking the black milk website many years ago via one of my favorite fashion blogs, the the kingdom of style. And I would then, like to make a declaration that I will be ordering them sometime this week. alsoistolethatphotoofftheinternets

#dyingofexcitement (I would just like to also state that I find hashtags absolutely HILARIOUS, #andidoloveinstagram)

On another topic, I really want to rescue a dog. Specifically this dog. And I am trying to think of ways in which I could do that.


Time and Smudgecat are my biggest concerns. I wouldn't want to have to leave this sweet lil baby all alone while I'm at work, and I wouldn't want to make the smudge feel inadequate.

HOWEVER, maybe they would fall in love and keep each other fluffy company while I am away... Or maybe Smudge would casually try to sabotage this new addition and push her out the window and then put on his little angel wings and halo and pretend all is good.


Oh also my apartment doesn't allow dogs but I may be moving in with my twinfriend sometime soon!

smudge cat, babyyyy smudge cat !

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