Saturday, September 7, 2013

The art of getting lost

(Read: losing stuff, a poem, or really a list)
inspirational quotes

Days of the week, namely. Four wisdom teeth. All the makeup:
MAC lip primer, lip liner, lipsticks.
Generally red. 
Too faced lucky lipstick, made with champagne essence.
Brow pencils.
Eye liner: liquid, pencil, pens.
The naked palette, to be found later, surprisingly sitting in my makeup case.
Stockings: seamed, thigh high, black, ripped, fishnet.
That orange nail polish, glow in the dark.
One of the cat's green eyes, along with our friendship.
Love, simple and sweet.
Love, tumultuous deceit.
Blue hair dye. 
Fifteen other socks.
One pair of too big fake pants.
Assorted parts of my self confidence.
Countless poems written on the back of napkins.
Sketches of clothing.
Doodles of your eyes.
Sight of the future. 
The cap to almost every hair product,
The cap to the glue I use.
Any cap, really.
Glitter nail polish.
Glitter necklace.
Friendship rings.
Virginities, no such thing.
My mind?

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