Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Limecrime, a discussion..

So if it wasn't already apparent how addicted to lipstick I am, I'm going to go into more detail. Specifically with the brand Limecrime.

Despite the fact that this brands popularity seems to be increasing by the hour, not everyone has heard of it. 

And what's particularly strange is that despite its ever growing success, there seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the founder, who goes by the name Doe Deere. In a world where you have the freedom to broadcast a photo of the socks you wore today, you must be prepared to accept the added spice of drama that comes with it. Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately it ain't all compliments! 

I'm not here to feed the flames of discussion about Doe Deere and what is the truth (though I know it is out there...) I am here to talk about my favorite accessory: LIPSTICK.

Black Saturday, I purchased my very first limecrime velveteen. The new, ever anticipated Pink Velvet. Why have I never purchased the two reds offered in the velveteen category, you ask? Because I feel like they are exactly the same as the sephora cream lipstains, except pricier. In addition to that, it is very hard for me to justify the purchase of yet ANOTHER red lip color. 

Despite my inability to let my guard down and actually purchase a red velvet or a suedeberry, I HAVE tried them. Both of them. Courtesy of my favorite twin, Miss Ashley Miller. And to the delight of my wallet, it was exactly how I expected it to be... It was a pricier sephora brand cream lipstain. 

So what made me finally cross over and buy one? Well, it is pink. Not red, AND I also scored a Poisonberry for some sweet Black Friday deals! 

poisonberry by limecrime

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