Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dem bleached brows, gril!

Basically from birth my look has been blonde hair, red lips, dark brows. I define my personal style in two ways: something like the Jetsons (a little from the past and a little from the future) or slutty grandmas. Working in a place like Benefit Cosmetics, where laughter is the best cosmetic and brows are the fundamentals to a good life, I often pride myself on the construction of my brows. These babies, placed delicately above ones eyes, are the most expressive part of your face. I have spent over two years preaching this statement, helping the world to see just what his or her eyebrows could be, and not what they feel is wrong with them. Personally, my eyebrows are a bit scarce. Truthfully, they are basically just three wizard-long hairs that I mold into a shape, something that I take great pleasure in doing, both for myself and others. It is almost a cathartic thing, to raise up my brows from the dead. And luckily for me, I occasionally get paid to do just that. (working for benefit.)
filled in browsIn January I started to feel restless with my appearance, and usually this results in me dying my hair some random color, in fact, I still have a box of ice blue color waiting for me when I need it. However, this time it was different. This time I wanted to change the fundamentals of my appearance. This time, I was going after my brows. I mulled the decision over for most of the month of January, spoke with a few of my coworkers about it, who were all very supportive of this plan I was formulating. One of my coworkers even had experience bleaching her brows. It certainly wasn't to the nordic/slightly otherworldy extent that I wanted, but this gave me the perspective that it can be done. That I could do this. And there isn't a soul around who can say I don't know my way around a little bleach, information one can gather from my naturally blonde hair...

filled in browsSo I went into Walgreens, guns blazing, credit card out and purchased some good old facial bleach, specifically the brand "Jolen" (in my head I pronounce it like the Dolly Parton song, but I'm sure that's probably not how it goes..) I watched a couple youtube videos, put the song "Jolene" on repeat, and went at it. I would say "don't try this at home," but what the hell; watch a few youtube videos, throw on a relevant song, and try this at home!

Here are a few pictures from the process, and I'm happy to say that I achieved the look I was going for. The first picture is obviously with the bleach processing, 
bleaching brows
the second is my naked eyebrows with not a hint of filler, in my head I look a touch like silent films from the 20s and 30s..
bleached brows
..and the third is the more socially acceptable, filled in blonde brow.
bleached brows
Despite how odd I find myself looking in the photo without any visible brows, I have to appreciate it. I set out a certain goal, and I achieved it. According to many different beauty blogs out there, there are mixed feelings about this particular look that has popped up in several different high fashion looks during fashion week. The feelings range from wild hatred, to just good old curiosity. I cannot attest to whether or not this is a look that can easily transfer over to the general public, but I can state that it is another great way to change up your look without breaking the bank or cutting off all your hair.

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