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Gifts that Pair Perfectly with your Zodiac Sign

Astrology has been around for hundreds of years, it is commonly thought of as a search for human meaning in the sky. It has had its hands in everything from historical events to attempts at divine communications. It's truly a special contribution to society and has gained a more mainstream popularity due to horoscopes being readily available at the click of a button. Here's my favorite astrology button click http://astrostyle.com/daily-horoscopes/

If you haven't yet been introduced to the wide world of astrology, you're sincerely missing out. Everything will come together when you know why your best friend born in November is so feisty, and how your boyfriend born in July can sometimes get a little introverted. Or even why your other, most awesome friend born in October is so damn charming. 

This gift guide will both treat you to a little secret knowledge about each of your friends as well as provide a secure gift giving tool if you're having trouble finding a gift mystical enough for that extra special magical creature in your life. 

As the mountain goat, Capricorns are always aiming to reach the top of their mountain, especially in regards to their career. They're big readers so any book on their chosen path will be adored. Also any related piece of technology that would help with their career will be loved. An Applewatch would be all your Capricorn friend can talk about this holiday season, or if you haven’t the funds, a great blazer or pair of shoes that can make them ooze confidence at work would be perfect.

Aquarius is the proud weirdo of the zodiac. They're different and want everyone to know about it ! They often dress in a way that calls to mind a different time, and are attracted to an era long past - for your Aquarius friend, a unique vintage garment or piece of jewelry, or even a strange vintage trinket for their home would make their day. Try this fancy cape from Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal

Pisces are your friendly, sensitive friends, and while they are often a bit flighty and absent-minded, this is a friend that won't use the planner or watch you get them to help them stay more organized - even if it would really help them. They'd be more interested in an experience. Take this friend to a concert, out to dinner, or for a facial and they'll feel so valued and appreciated.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. These smart and strategic friends are always full steam ahead about something, and it's usually not related to work. For them, a job is what allows them to pursue what they really want to do. Get them a gift related to whatever that is for them. Maybe it's yoga, and you can get them a meditation shawl, or music, and you can get them tickets to see one of their fav artists, or photography, and you can get them an attachable lens for their iPhone. Pay attention to what they spend all their leisure time doing, and hone in on that.

Taurus are hard workers, but they're here to create beauty in the world, so indulge that side of them to make them the happiest. Even the cheapest things look expensive on your Taurus friend. This graceful bull goddess would love some lipstick from the newest, hottest line, or a piece of fancy looking jewelry - even if it's super inexpensive. Everything has to be just right for the Taurus woman, so unless you know their sizing and how they like things to fit to a T, stay away from picking out clothes for them. This vintage inspired lipstick by Besame Cosmetics comes in its very own velvet pouch!

Gemini are super energetic, quick-witted, and fast moving. They're usually creative - singers, musicians, artists - give them gifts they can use in their creative endeavors. Paint or makeup brushes could be a great idea. Because they're so creative and full of ideas, this is one sign in which a gift card to Amazon or Sephora would actually be a thoughtful and appreciated gift - they're probably 10 steps ahead of you and already know exactly what you want, and a gift card can be what allows them to get it.

A Cancer is the most sensitive, sentimental, introverted sign of the zodiac. This person most appreciates a gift from the heart. A scarf you knitted or a painting you made, or even a piece of jewelry you made will be something they treasure forever. Even a gift you buy that reminds you of them/an experience you shared together will be a hit. The birthstones for a Cancer are Ruby and Moonstone, so perhaps if you’re not the most talented gift maker, you could also tie a bit of your knowledge of them into the gift.  This moonstone necklace from the Robin Woodard Etsy shop is everything 

Your Leo friend loves to be the center of attention, and as a result their fashion choices are always interesting. Don't be afraid to get a purse, article of clothing or piece of jewelry that would be too "loud" for most people for your Leo friend. Even an eyeshadow palette with wild and vibrant colors would be well-loved by your Leo friend. The “Burning Heart Palette” by Sugarpill Cosmetics should do the trick

Out of the whole zodiac, Virgos are most impressed by success and status symbols. Since most of us can't afford to buy our Virgo friends a Cartier love bracelet, get them something they can luxuriate in: take them out to a nice dinner, get them a massage or a facial, or even get them some nice bath bombs or bubble bath so they can have their own spa day at home. Pop! From Lush Cosmetics will turn their tides!

Libra are the the social butterflies of the zodiac. They pay a lot of attention to how they are received by others, so they especially appreciate gifts they can show the world and have a great story about. Unique jewelry or an article of clothing in their style is always a hit, and they'll love to tell people the story of you giving it to them when they receive compliments on it. When they're not out being social butterflies, they're probably cuddled up at home - gifts like fuzzy blankets and warm slippers or PJs will also be well-loved by your Libra friend.  These are the cat’s pajamas

Scorpios are the dark, mysterious, occult-lovers of the zodiac. Anything magical or mystical would be well-loved by your scorpio friend - books about witches, astrology, mythology, etc., crystal jewelry or crystals in general, things in that realm will appeal to your Scorpio friend. Llewellyn's 2016 Witches' Datebook will keep your Scorpio friend on track with her spells for the whole year ! 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the biggest free spirit of the zodiac. For them, life is a buffet and they want to sample everything. Work is just a means to pursue their passions, so don't get them anything too work related or serious. They're passionate about travel, or whatever it is they use to expand themselves - maybe playing an instrument, painting, etc. They love consuming information, so books about exotic places they could potentially visit one day will appeal to your Sagittarius friend, or unique items from other parts of the world they can use to decorate their homes will always be well loved. Pay attention to what they dream of, and feed that. Perhaps a pair of sunglasses to go with a book on travel as they plan their trip to Italy?

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