Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the beginning..

Why hello,

This is Sarah Goldenhair of Goldenhair Beauty, makeup experimentalist extraordinaire's take on beauty products, fashion, and makeup (which is definitely separate from beauty products for some reason) and anything I deem beautiful.

A brief introduction….

I am obsessed with all things vintage, french and/or foreign, soft, colorful, made of fur, and black and gold. I like pets, vintage, writing, red lipstick, fashion, and all things creepy, cooky, mysterious andor spooky. I collect useless things and am beginning to walk the fine line of hoarderdom. I like to incorporate lingerie into my work attire as much as possible, and I work for a big makeup company now owned by an even bigger company and this makes me completely correct about all of my opinions about cosmetics. ;) I am also quite sarcastic.

My addictions include: David Lynch (with a big underline for Twin Peaks,) John Waters, B-Horror, Netflix, chocolate soy milk, buying things off the internet (blackmilkclothing.com swanclothing.com,) creepy silent films, bad/nerdy/trashy television shows, and drinking red wine whilst slow dancing to 70s French music. And rakija, which is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like Tom Waits and you want to make out with me.

And I have one(1) white cat named Smudgecat who used to have a gray smudge on his head when he was just a Smidge but he has grown out of it so it is now just kindof silly. He will make many appearances in anything I do, as he is a princess.

lovelove and bisous,

Sarah Goldenhair of Goldenhair Beauty

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