Sunday, September 23, 2012

Write, right?

Oddly enough I have a degree in writing, and oddly enough most of the writing I do today is not pinning new additions to the novel I've been working on for years and years now. Most of the writing I do floats around on the Internet. A lot of it is in my slightly yet not-so writing blog on blogspot, and now most of it seems to be on Instagram. I'm hoping that this new addition proves to be more substantial than Instagram, she says sarcastically.

So, I am still pretty much a 13 year old girl as it turns out. I'm really into Taylor Swift, glitter, and The Hunger Games right now. And you had better believe I have a sexy degree in writing and am lavishly enjoying teen novels whilst using probably improper verbiage just because my brain has become dusty from disuse. Or misuse.

But I would like to say that I really quite like The Hunger Games. I also liked Battle Royale, but in a different way.

In other news, today I ogled the Marilyn Monroe collection that MAC is coming out with a few days after my birthday and pre ordered some goodies.

They outdid themselves with the beautiful blushes they have, and I even found myself wanting both of the glosses even though I don't really do lipgloss. It is sticky and your hair gets stuck in it !!!

However ! #beneplug Benefit Cosmetics makes FANTASTIC lipglosses that are made to pair with their blushes that are not sticky, but smooth and moisturizing.

They came out around the same time, while in line at Sephora, I spontaneously purchased a squeeze-tube of the "rosebud salve" that usually comes in the circle tins. You know, the sweet little blue tins that have the delicate pink balm tucked up inside? The first one I ever got was from Disneyland, actually... Anyway, Sephora with its tricks had the squeeze-tube version just patiently waiting for me to purchase, and the next day when desperately scrounging in my bag for a lipbalm I came across the benefit lipgloss first... I noticed that... There really wasn't anything to notice. Both products so deliciously smooth and hydrating. Soft.

My favorite colors are Hoola, which goes on bronzeygoldyclear and Dandelion(also my favorite Benefit blush,) which goes on softypinkynudeyclear. There are four other colors that are.. Well, a lot more colorful but those two are my favorites.

And even though I just ruined my classic rock music/respectably adult makeup/deep intellectual street cred, I would still like to say...



PS I promise to post better pictures later because I am really busy right now

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