Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jewels and crystals and changes

The week before last, the day before the world was supposed to end, a woman sat in my chair at work and told me about the Aztec calendar. So, the way it goes, the world was not supposed to end and a new calendar was going to start. She had an exact number of years (that I can't remember) that the calendar that was ending was made up of, and told me that this calendar that was ending was very focused on the masculine side of things and this new calendar to start was supposed to be very.. For lack of better words to explain.. girl powered.

She also told me that we needed to meditate at 3:12am about what we were hoping for in this new calendar year. Although I did not meditate, this whole concept really stuck with me. Every new year everyone has this "new year, new you" mindset of hopes to lose weight or get prettier or fix something, and I didn't really care about any of that until she told me about this x-number of girl power years to come.

I do want to make things happen, I truly want to get over the things(people) that seem to be holding me back, and I want to honestly start creating things again. I desperately need to move on and for once I feel like I can. Or even simply that I want to.

I get caught up in things and I tell long stories and forget the point. That's okay. Girl power year(s) of change.

So I bought a book on crystals and I am collecting flowers to press and I started making jewelry. And I still want to learn metal smithing, but what I'm doing is okay for right now.

I'm still into weird things, still morbid, still would rather watch x-files and makeout with someone as opposed to going to a super neato awesome house party, bro. Still hate burning man. Still love vintage. Still David Lynch and John Waters obsessed.

I am changing, but laterally. I want this to stick.

And if I had to pick a New Years resolution, it would be to become Yo-Landi Vi$$er.

PS: I got a haircut, finally, and I'm starting to feel whole again.

PPS: I love David Duchovney.

marry me.

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