Monday, March 18, 2013

Sister Turquoisehair

So, I'm ever so sorry that I haven't been keeping up with this blog. I'd like to say that I've been busy, but it really doesn't seem like I have. Just a whole lotta bad things, mixed with a whole lotta good things. Not a lot of in between time, and if there is, you bet your buttons you would find me napping.

All that aside, I'm here to discuss Benefit Cosmetic's new line of eyeshadows and a little more of my makeup routine, and just briefly how I've found THE ONE in regards to lipstains.

So in these photos I am wearing two of Benefit's new cream shadows: "blue my mind" and "holy smokes" and on top I am using their "magic ink" liner, which I've oddly grown very fond of. As for mascara I'm still using that leopard print one. My brows are done with Benefit's "browzings" which is my second favorite Benefit product and the one product I could probably not live without..

For my complexion I'm wearing my face armor. LORAC full coverage liquid foundation and MAC's full coverage studio fix powder.

An aside... Although my breakouts have become under control, my face is now red and blotchy from scars :( for that, I spent a million dollars on this product by Dr. Gross that has retinol in it. Which I am very pleased to say is working wonders.

As for cheeks, I've fallen in love with a product called "candlelight glow" by Two Faced. This is really something I've been looking for for a long time. A powder highlighter and blush duo. Most makeup people know that generally ALL highlighters seem to come equipped with a bronzer. And, frankly, that ain't what I want. Unless the bronzer is whatever contour Lilly Munster uses. So to find a powder highlighter of this nature has pleased me greatly. And the blush side is still mostly just a different shade of highlighter. On top of that, I throw on some Super Orgasm.

The lips are Firm Form by MAC. And NYX eyeliner used as a lipliner. I swoon over these lips.

Oh and yes, my hair is currently turquoise. And the cut (I was aiming for a blue Louise Brooks) done by my lovely friend Kris. She nailed it.

Oh and the cream lipstain that is... The one... Is the Lip Maestro by Armani..  Expect me to eventually post something entirely on how awesome that is.

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