Friday, July 19, 2013

brows, coral, and Dita Von Teese, oh my !

A post about a few of my favorite things...

So many people may know of my wild obsession with eye brows. How I use both a pencil and a wax and powder to create them. I recently tried an Anastastia brow pencil, the perfect brows one, and it is quite special. My favorite brow thing is always going to be Benefit Cosmetics "browzings."

Well! Benefit is coming out with a tinted brow gel with fibers. Soooooooo! You are welcome for the heads up for possibly my new favorite brow thing ever. Yeee!

On another note, a fancy clothing note, I managed to talk myself into getting a couple pieces from Wheels and Dollbaby, most notably their Dita cardigan. (Cue the  shock and awe music) 
dita love
And in coral. Might I add I REALLY love coral right now. I may even add it to my classic and forever favorites of ballerina pink and black. 

So maybe that sweater was a million dollars, but I adore it to death and you can truly feel the quality. Oh and it was designed by Dita Von Teese. No big deal. 

le fox angora sweaterI also decided to invest in the "le fox" angora sweater which I would swim and sleep and just live in if I could. Unfortunately it really isn't possible to wear both the dita cardi and the "le fox" at the same time, but ya never know.....      
Can I also zero in on how awesome this model's hair is. And I would like to just put it out there that I am REALLY going to TRY to grow out my hair this time.


Oh, also I love Pacey Witter!


(I love television)

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