Thursday, August 15, 2013

New lip obsession: Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain"

It is no secret that I have more lipsticks than any one person should own for the entirety of his or her life.

I like to say this is because, well, I'm a makeup artist, and a makeup experimentalist, and a beauty blogger. But truthfully, lipsticks just do it for me. 

And currently I feel like I have discovered the perfect summer lipsticks. Well I suppose they are actually "balm stains" but, I digress.
 Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain"
And what makes them even more special? They are drugstore brand! Revlon you lovable brand, you've done it again! So, the Revlon "just bitten kissable balm-stain" you are (currently) the lip love of my life.

They were buy one get one free for a hot second so naturally I already have many. And I would love to acquire more. ALLLL THE BALM-STAINS MWAHAHAHA !!

They also taste minty fresh. And I feel like they are perfect for a casual make out sesh. (Yes, a "make out sesh")

They retail around nine dollars, too, so not too shabby !

so kissabe

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