Thursday, June 12, 2014

A makeup of the day post !

Today I have on....

they're real liner
Becca beach tint in "dragonfruit" on my lips and cheeks. 
Nars highlight in "Copacabana."
The random Marilyn Monroe powder from MAC that I forgot I owned.
Bésame soufflé foundation in "bisque"
Benefit Cosmetics they're real liner
Maybelline waterproof cat eyes "colossal volum' express" with Rimmel "scandeleyes" layered on top.
Anastasia brow wiz in "ash blonde," outlined with MAC studio finish NW15 concealer.

And set with my new favorite discovery for my incredibly dry skin: NYX Dewey finish setting spray ! 
they're real liner
My love for Becca products grows with each product I pick up. These beach tints are marvelous and a little really goes a long way. I went in to Sephora to get samples of the highlighters "moonstone" or "pearl," but after being forced into two different awkward conversations with workers, I ended up not realizing that the cashier hadn't put my samples in the bag and gave me some other weird samps instead. LIFE IS HARD. 

Anyway, I mentioned earlier a magic thing I just discovered with the NYX Dewey finish setting spray. Sooooo I don't know if this spray makes me makeup long lasting, but it DOES make me extra dry skin not be flakey and creepy. Despite how much I moisturize there is still a struggle of foundation getting flakey around my chin, but with this guy my skin looks damn good. 

Oh and this extremely fashionable crocheted headbandy thing? I made it. I am grandmas.

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