Friday, June 13, 2014

Lip/Cheek Round 2, Jouer Cosmetics

blue hair don't care

Today's makeup !!

Tarte concealer on assorted blemishes and under eyes.
My coworker Belle's Pixie color corrector under my eyes. 
Bésame lavender loose powder. 
Jouer "peony" on my lips and cheeks.
Nars "Copacabana" high light.
My usual mascara and brow routine (see yesterday's post)
Benefit Cosmetics They're Real eyeliner; today I wore it without primer underneath to test it's longevity. 

jouer cosmetics peonySo I thought I would do a few days of showcasing my lip/cheek products ! 

This Jouer product is really a treasure. It's texture is like nothing I have ever experienced. It's application reminds me of playing with my mom's watercolors as a child. It's a touch drying on the lips, which I find common amongst cheek/lip combos like this, so I used the new Posietint Lipbalm by Benefit to keep it fresh throughout the day. 

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