Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Days of Lipstains Reviews: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

The cream lip stains I own are:
- Sephora brand
- Armani 
- Hourglass
- Limecrime 
What I haven't tried that I want to:
- Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 
- BMB Cosmetics

I already devoted a whole post to the Sephora cream lipstain that I love, which I will link here ! So let's move on to the Armani "Lip Maestro" ....

lip maestro review
So, to be quite honest, I LOVED this product so very hard when I first bought it, the texture is everything you could hope for when it comes to these long wearing products: velvety, soft, not sticky. It lasts for ages, and the color was damn good. However, at some point I noticed it got fairly bleedy. Which is something I can't really deal with. So I slightly retired it, tossing it in amongst my other millions of red lipticks in favor of something else.
benefit cosmetics

I recently revisited it after my twin telling me that she lost hers. Now.. the color seems a little different from what I remember, a little more orange than red. And it still bleeds. But it is fairly long wearing and so velvety soft! However, it's definitely NOT my favorite. I found that I liked wearing it underneath other lipsticks to give the lipsticks that I liked better a longer wear.. IDK! Oh, and the apron I am wearing in this photo, (that would be the pink bow-tie, white collar, blue ruffles action) is what the lovely Sutter Store ladies and myself will be wearing for the rest of this month, courtesy of whoever won the last project runway: under the gunn !

urban decay and giorgio armani

I would recommend, to avoid the bleedy, to use a long wearing lip liner. I used Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on lip pencil in the color "69"
and was careful to only put the lip maestro right UP to the liner and not over it!

…..And I also scored some sweet rings that match my tattoo today ! Win !
the owls are not what they seem

Tomorrow, assuming I can find it: NYX

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