Friday, April 18, 2014

NYX soft matte lip cream

After a thirty+ minute search of my apartment for the NYX cream lipstain that was on the schedule for today, I realized a few things. 1. I desperately need to organize things, and 2. I have more makeup than most of the world.
nyx, lush, caudalie

Finally after tearing everything apart I was able to locate the baby, NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo. Also amongst the rubble I rediscovered my Lush Cosmetics Bubblegum lip scrub and my CaudalĂ­e lip conditioner, so I thought, "hey, how about we put these dudes to use!" (Yes, I sometimes refer to my lip products as "dudes") 

So I casually lip scrubbed and licked off the excess bubblegum sugary deliciousness and coated my lips in the lip conditioner. I then proceeded to do the rest of my makeup routine, which today included some other lost and now found items: Inglot's bright blue mascara, and Makeup Forever's white eyeliner

After all that jazz, I removed the excess lip conditioner (really actually just fancy lip balm TBH, but I do so love a good lip balm) and applied Monte Carlo... 

So what I remembered about when I first bought it is that it seemed a touch like the product had dried out a bit. That was still the case, but despite my hesitation I went for it, because I am devoted to the cause !!!

nyx monte carlo
AND! I'm really happy I did. This product is truly everything the name says. It is very soft, definitely matte, and a lip cream. It stays put and doesn't bleed, unlike the Giorgios of yesterday, and fades pretty damn evenly. Even after I ate my bagel with egg and cheese it just sortof casually slipped off, leaving behind a pretty little stain. Not bad for six whole dollars, aye? Especially versus the thirty three dollars the Armani lip maestro will put you out of ! 

Two thumbs up for this dude, and I may have to reintroduce him into my rotation.

Up tomorrow… Hourglass !

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