Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sephora Cream Lipstain Revisited !

I have a massive post on how much I love the Sephora cream lipstain so I will keep this one short and sweet!

sephora cream lipstain
Easily, of the stains I tried this past week, my favorite. Lime Crime comes in a close second, but Sephora wins ! 

Why, you ask? Because it goes on smooth like liquid lipstick does, and stays on forever without any stickiness, only very soft and velvety delicious texture. 

The only drawbacks are: it's tricky to apply, one needs a fairly steady hand and the applicator isn't too forgiving. And you can't really touch it up without it getting slightly crumbly. However, given that it never ever comes off, you don't really ever need to reapply. 
sephora cream lipstain

This post is also brought to you by my Tinkerbell hair ! 

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